My Occupation

medically retired as of 1/2/09
Life is good even when it is bad, e ven when I am ill. because every day I wake up alive I have a chance for good things.  Attitude is great medicine.

My Hobbies

Gardening, reading, writing, being in the wilds of the outdoors and flyfishing. If I could fish every day I would for twelve hours and the remaining twelve hours I would work in our yarden. That would be perfect. So sorry I have to sleep.

Flyfishing and tying flies is good therapy.
Rivers are high and I am too lazy to fish them. How can that be. Caught a few bluegills at the pond. It was fun watching them take bugs on the surface. I noticed that the fish leap sideways because I can see their bellies when the hit the air. Neat! I think I will save for a watercraft this Winter. Dear Wife thinks that to be a great idea. Lucky me.

Coldwater - bluegills and small bass are still biting.  Hooray!   It is November 1st.  

MUSIC - I have bad ears, so when I can listen to music everything else takes second place. I enjoy my Djembe drum, can't sing without scaring people, but music feeds me.

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